• Jeff Davis, Chair

    Jeff Davis, Chair

    Jeff Davis graduated from New Mexico State University as an electrical engineer and received a Master's Degree in electrical engineering from MIT. He worked for the federal government in Virginia as a high tech program manager before moving to Silicon Valley in 1985. He continued working as a program manager for a major defense contractor and then a commercial start up company before joining CityTeam Ministries as a development officer where he developed grant writing as a major new revenue stream.

    Jeff served on CityTeam's Board of Trustees from 1988 to 2003 and joined the Advent Board of Directors in 2012. He has taught a Bible study in the CityTeam Men's Recovery Program since 2003 and has a heart for all who struggle with addiction. Jeff is enthusiastic about using his grant writing skills to assist Advent in identifying additional funding opportunities. He and his wife Becky are active at Saratoga Federated Church where Jeff served as President of the Council of Elders for 2 years. They have both served in leadership of Bible Study Fellowship for over 20 years.

  • Sherri Stuart, Vice Chair

    Sherri Stuart, Vice Chair

    Sherri Stuart has served on Advent's board since 1995. She runs her own one-woman grant writing company and has written grants for many local not-for-profits.

    Sherri has donated untold amounts of labor and expertise to help Advent secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding and continues to be a staple of the fundraising that goes on at the agency.

    She has shared her wisdom through being a mentor for troubled kids in her home town. She also serves as a key volunteer for St. Joseph's food program in Gilroy, and is a member of Gilroy Arts Alliance. Sherri's dedication and singular value to her community was recognized through her being named the 2007 Woman of the Year for the City of Gilroy.

  • Bob Connors, Treasurer

    Bob Connors, Treasurer

    Bob has served as CFO of several high technology companies in the Bay Area, both public and private. He has an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Washington University in St. Louis, and a BA in Physics and Math from Occidental College in Los Angeles.

    He serves on the finance and audit committee at City Team Ministries and is Chair of the Local Outreach team and an Elder at Saratoga Federated Church.

    Bob became acquainted with Advent through presentations by Mark Miller at his church and through working on the Local Outreach team. He says that when he visits Advent facilities and hears the testimony of students there, "I'm floored with how, through the work of the dedicated staff and the Holy Spirit, these students are in the process of changing their lives for the better-- in miraculous ways."

  • Gary Wimp, Secretary

    Gary Wimp, Secretary

    Gary Wimp was introduced to Advent at one of the annual BBQ events and was “inspired by the testimonies” from current teen participants and the “positive impact that Advent has had on their lives”.

    Gary is a commercial realtor with California Partners, Inc. in Mountain View, CA and joined the Advent board in 2012. He graduated from Regis University in Denver, Colorado and received his Masters Degree in Human Relations from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. He is an elder in his church, the Highway Community in Mountain View, where he served for two years as Chairman of the Board. Gary lives in Los Altos, CA with his wife, Sheila, and they have a son, Jason, who is in college.

  • Robert Leonard, Board Member

    Robert Leonard, Board Member

    Robert Leonard graduated from Purdue University as a mechanical engineer. After college, he served in the Navy for two years. He then began working for Trane Air Conditioning in San Jose, where he went on to manage the Industrial and Commercial Division.

    He has served on Advent's Board of Directors since 1985, when Arbutus Ranch broke from City Team to become Advent Group Ministries. Since that time Bob has been an active supporter on many other levels, including serving on the Finance, Executive, and Golf Committees.

  • Rebekah Laffoon, Board Member

    Rebekah Laffoon, Board Member

    Rebekah Laffoon is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist whose passion is to help individuals, couples and families through skillful guidance and compassionate care. She received her Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and received her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary. Her journey with Advent Group Ministries began when she worked at Advent as a clinical trainee and later as an associate intern, providing psychotherapy to chemically dependent adolescents and their families, as well as seeing clients through Advent's counseling center. Rebekah has also provided counseling services to the community at Monta Vista High School (Cupertino) and Christian Counseling Center (San Jose). In addition, she brings to the Board her years of experience working in the Development department at CityTeam Ministries as an executive assistant and grant writer.

    Rebekah and her husband Andrew attend WestGate Church with their two daughters, and they serve in the Life Groups Ministry.

  • Sheyna Heard, Board Member