Our Vision
To provide a safe home for moms who seek to maintain their sobriety, overcome personal obstacles, become better parents and reunify with their children while offering various life skills through the help of volunteers.

The Refuge evolved from our 20 years of providing foster care families for extremely at-risk youth. The Refuge is a safe house for women and their very young children where we focus on providing these vulnerable kids what they need most - a mom who is healthy, stable and able to love and effectively nurture their children.

At The Refuge, the women are encouraged to connect with their kids, finish their court requirements (parenting classes, drug testing, counseling, etc.), and prepare for their future (go to school, get a job or both). Guests of The Refuge are not charged rent. Each woman puts 30% of her income into a savings account that she gets back when she leaves The Refuge.

For more information about The Refuge, please email us or call Tammy Greer at 408-281-0708 ext. 103.

NOTE:  First 5 of Santa Clara County has partnered with Advent to provide services to the women and children at The Refuge.  First 5 is funded through tobacco tax monies (prop 10) which are used to encourage healthy development of children prenatally to age 5.